Saturday, June 28, 2008

Love Is...


Love is everywhere,

It may be right in front of you,

It may slip underneath you,

It may slide right behind you,

It may pass right through you.

Love is in your heart,

Sometimes you don’t know it is there,

Sometimes you don’t realize it,

Sometimes you just let it lies there.

Sometimes you just don’t care.

Love is wonderful,

Without it you won’t be full,

Without it you will be alone,

Without it you will be incomplete,

Without it you won’t have a dream.

Love is when two heart combine to be one,

It fills the emptiness inside,

It heals the wound in the heart

It brings two people together

Just to share the same feeling and the same heart

Love is when you find the right guy,

He may be arrogant, but warm inside,

He may be cynical, but he speaks only his heart,

He may be hard to get, but worth a thousand sweats,

He may be anyone, but he will full the emptiness inside.

After all, he is your other half,

The one that will make you whole inside.

4th April ‘06

p/s: hahaha believe it or not..I wrote this...
craze^bee...well that was when I was young and cute..still am..LOL!!

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alia amirah said...

young and cute???


hopeless romantic rupenye bayah.