Sunday, May 31, 2009

friendly reminder

Monday, 1 June 2009
12.07 am

in less than a week..
I have to finish 3 written assignments, 1 poster presentation, 1 short test
can I do it?
hmmm let's see...

*oh baby we can~~~ Survivor by Tohoshinki*

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dr John Dorian...

dunno why..but I'm into Scrubs *again* lately....
I stop watching it last year *I was a huge fan back then* but then I'm into it again...
omg..he's damn funny and his straight face when he makes jokes
but his scene with the janitor would always be my favorite moment
coz they always fight over meaningless and ridiculous little things

Janitor: Doors broke..
JD: Maybe theres a penny stuck in it.
Janitor: Why a penny?
JD: No reason
Janitor: Did you put a penny in there? If i find a penny in there, im coming after you.

Janitor: You're afraid of escalators.
J.D.: That's not uncommon.
Janitor: You like the way cashmere feels on your skin!
J.D.: How are you doing this?
Janitor: That's right! You run away! Run away from the truth!

J.D walks in and sees janitor in shorts
J.D : Wearing shorts today?
Janitor : What i can't wear shorts, because i'm a lowly janitor?
J.D : I didn't say lowly.
Janitor : Oh, now i'm just a janitor?
J.D : Yes!
Janitor : You're unhappy..... I like that

okay..maybe it'll be funnier when you actually watch it..
*coz this seems a bit out of*

I'm no Superman~~

Friday, May 29, 2009

Ways to overcome your fear of ghost

Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Ghost
taken from Lee Seung Gi, 2008
*omg..never knew he is this cute and naive..wanna squish him and put him in my*

1. Before the ghost attacks you, attacks them first.
when there's a doll beside you, all of a sudden just hit won't know if the doll is possessed or ensure nothing bad happens, just hit it...if it reacts, then it is possessed...if it just stays there, just leave it be coz it means you're safe...

2. Before the ghost scares you, scare them first.
when you enter an empty room..enters with 'hah!!!' to scare the ghost, instead of scaring you, the ghost will be the one who'll shit their pants....

3. Try to get into the ghost's good book.
usually, the ghosts in the movies will attack anyone whom they have grudges if you're being a good guy/girl, they won't ever attack or scare you..since you did nothing to anger them...

4. When you're alone inside the elevator and suddenly you feel goosebumps, sings a happy song to entertain the ghost.
instead of scaring the hell out of you...the ghost will be happy and starts doing other things...if you're lucky, they'll sing with you and accompany you til you reach your place...

5. Always gives good critic and comment to the ghost when you watch horror movie.
like when there's a scene where the ghost appears in every level when you're in the elevator....instead of being scared or close your eyes, says this..."wow..she's fast!!"

he thinks that people might think he's crazy when he did this..
well what do you think Seung Gi-ah..of course you

credit to nglktshinhwa on youtube

who wears it better?

as usual...I was watching Family Outing ep 3 and 4
*instead of finishing my COMPULSORY assignment*
and I saw Chun Hee aka Chunderella wearing this shirt...
btw he's one of my favourite in this show...*after*
he's always the clueless and dumb one....
still...he has the model-aura somehow..weird neh~~
*coz obviously he starts off his career as a model*

Align Center
so the thing is....
*yeah get ready guys..I'm going to talk about Jaejoong DBSK again*
this shirt is the one that Jae endorsed not too long ago..
during their Purple Line time...
here's the pic of him wearing it

so what do you guys think?
who wears it better????
Kim Jaejoong or Lee Chun Hee
you know what my answer is...hehehhe
*acts innocent and totally un-biased*

Picture of the Day

I was watching Scrubs..
and the theme song goes like this...
"....I'm no Superman..."
and taadaa...this came into my

hehe Nana bought it at Movie World for me...
and I haven't use it yet...
*well no intention to use it..yet*

*btw..ignore the pic in my laptop..haha Joongie oh Joongie...I can never forget to talk about you everytime neh...*

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tokyo oh Tokyo

Picture of the Day

well..this brings back memories...
bought it on my trip to Tokyo Tower, Japan last year...
cost me 500yen but I can get it only for 350yen at Asakusa Market..
*too late coz we went to Tokyo Tower*
still can't believe that I've been there
oh Japan..I lap u~~

sikat oh sikat

it's funny how things that went missing will come back to you in a way that is totally unexpected....

usually I put my comb here...
coz obviously that's where it should be...

but then I lost it for the whole day yesterday..
seriously..I forgot where I put it and had no idea where it was...
I even searched for it downstairs..
*coz I ironed my tudung yesterday and not many knows how forgetful I am...or worst, I tend to grab things around me UNINTENTIONALLY and just leave it*

and then tada!!!
there it was standing leisurely with my

weird neh~~

My Latest Wishlist

hehehehe one can never live without a wishlist...
we human always live with desire of something
*heheh that sounds a bit wrong*
to simplify everything...
hehe these are things that I
*that's so much simpler isn't it???*

1. IPOD Touch

2. All About DBSK 3

3. Tohoshinki: The Secret Code DVD *Dome DVD..most probably..yeah*

4. DBSK: Mirotic Asia Tour DVD

* 2,3,4 are not on sale yet..more like no official date of sale or not produced yet...hehehe we fangirls are just so updated rite.....gotta save money earlier or else bye*

5. DBSK: Prince in Prague photobook

6. Beyonce 'I Am..' Tour

7. Macquarie University Hoodies

8. Converse 'Chuck Taylor' All Star - Light Blue

*ok..I think I'm starting to have serious obsession over converse shoes..again, thanks to DBSK*

basically that's all.....
but it will definitely cost me a lot of money
do i have enough money??
hahah I dun think so...
but that's what wishlist is for..
to allow us to wish for something..even things that we can't afford but can only wish for
*ahha that sounds so sad..uwaa~~*
let's just wait and see

~~the end~~

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pick One

what's your flavor??

Maximum Mint
Yunhoneycombed Vanilla
Chuntastic Chocolate
Heroic Super Shocking Electric Blueberry
Junsummer Splash (peach+orange+lemon)

hmm without being biased or whatsoever...I choose....
Yunhoneycombed Vanilla
*obviously coz I love vanilla...and chocolate sucks!!!*
yeah i hate chocolate..i know i'm

few pics showing how we enjoy *LOVE* eating icecream

so pick one~~
it's not a real flavor...choose based on how tempting the name

p/s: i'm craving for some real icecream...aisy blurmeese I blame you!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

oh IBU *lagu mamat*

kepada my dearie emak yg nun di jauh di Muar
heheh terima kasih banyak-banyak...
jasamu ku kenang......
I lap u bebeh~~~

our very own translator..

hmmm i like dbsk
wrong....i LOVE dbsk
but they can hardly speak english
*well except Yoochun, but his english is...hmmm should i say, very minimal?*
and then comes ricky....yoochun's lil bro...

omo...never really notice him before..
until today....hahahha
damn..he can speak english...and it's good too
*maybe not as good as the native speakers....well at least better than Yoochunnie...hehehe*
the proof??

the only thing that comes into my mind...

hey..he can be the translator when I meet
or maybe when I have enough to go to Korea...I can go to Timeout Gelato *Yoochunnie's icecream shop..meriah uols*..and when I'm there, at least there's someone whom I can communicate with...hehehe
hahahha i know it's absurd and obviously far-to-reach dream..
but there's no limit to dream rite...hahahha

*off to Lala Land*credit: hiddenmicky and sharingyoochun

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lesson for the Day

Taken from Handbook for new teacher
*but seriously..use this to anyone*

whenever you open your mouth...
keep KISS principle in mind..
what's KISS??


Sunday, May 17, 2009

renung renungkan..

renung renungkan
*mcm ustaz kat*

sedang kite mengutuk manusia laen...
terfikirkah kite..bahawasanye...
manusia laen juga sedang mengutuk kite....

sedang kite melaungkan prinsip yg kite bangga2 kan....dan 'ter' kritik prinsip saudara kite yg laen...
terfikirkah kite..bahawasanye...
otak manusia laen2...suke hatilah mereka nak pegang pada prinsip ape
kenapa pulak kite nak rase prinsip kite je betol kan....

renung renungkan...

Monday, May 4, 2009


kejap tengok...kejap jeling....
kejap tegur..kejap senyap...
kejap concern...kejap ignorance...
kejap ok...kejap x....

nak kecik ati xgune...
last2 makan ati sendiri....
xpela...biarlah aku yg paham mung
*kononnye paham la..serious, xpaham kot..ikot angin mung aje*
aku pon ader angin gak...ader rasa marah..

tp xpe...
u senyap, i senyap
u cakap, i balas
u tanye, i jawab
tp cmtu jela...xtau nak buat mende dah...