Friday, December 4, 2009

the result of boredom

tade keje...maen picnik..weee~~~

xlawa dulik hape..weee~~

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Share Happiness

This is just..beautiful

credit: Elle Korea

Thursday, November 19, 2009

female version of...

Align Center
I'm not girlish.....
used to dress slobbishly *lols* and would definitely prefer everywhere I go..
heheh but i'm trying to change..
like kak mard's said..'dah tue pon..berubah la ke arah kewanitaan'
so..what style should i go with??

heeeheh been looking and surfing korean blogs+DBSK updates and found this..

looks nice..i LOVE the checkered tops..but then too parents would go crazy later...
and the heels..damn, do u think i can wear dat without falling in like every step?? gayat ok tinggi2...hehe i salute those girls la~~~
actually, it's the female version of Jaejoong style...
*the power of fangirls, they can even came up with these kind of stuffs*

since i HEART dat guy..of course i like the style....lols

but then..i like this one better..heheh
it's female version of changmin...lols
i think it's cuter or more teenager-like than the previous style..hehe

so which one should i go with??
or should i stick with shirt+jeans+sneakers?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Heaven's Postman

finally..the release of Heaven's Postman
*ok..some call it Postman of Heaven..watever, idc*

they both look so good together...
the trailer is nice...
the review is ok..
audience response...haha no need to say~~ it got high rate for advanced screening...go jae!!

but dear mushroom head..haha u need a cut i think..the fringe is kinda long..and damn, jae looks chubby *due to his menganggur-ing state maybe, like chong said*

ahhhhh I really want to watch it...let's just hope for early dvd release *which I doubt*....hopefully by jan or feb next year...

Jaejoong hwaiting~~~!!~~

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

sudah sudah!!!

ke city MC pon sudah...DFO juga sudah....jadi sudah2 la tu bayah...dah cukup la tu beli barang2 nye....hehehe..

penat berjalan,
kaki melecet,
duet habis beriban riban...
podah, cet@!#$!!

hahaha that was my lame*ini bukan lama atau long yer, ini LAME* attempt at pantun....setakat ni barang2 sume dah cukup kot nak bawak balik...tinggal souvenirs nak kasi sape jek terdekat last year dah melambak tape, mak kate masih ader ruang di fridge nak letak magnet...hehehe so beli jela dalam lagi 20-30 keping....kalau ader lebih, bley kasi jiran tetangge yer x....

huhuhu pasni kene setel kan esaimen lagi 3 tu, test satu...pastu kene packing barang, stat fikir pasal shipping plak,then nak jual barang kat bakal2 junior...sigh~~ macam2 bende kene fikir rupenye...duet tepon yg sampai februari tu lagi, duet shipping, duet rent....duet, duet, duet!!! napela xbley swipe pakai card credit monopoly tu jek kan..alangkah seronoknye....argghhh@#$!!! malas malas........

tp yg penting, kene berenti menabur duet ke kedai2 di sydney ini..sudah sudah..menabunglah demi masa depan, wpon lambat lagi nak kawen *haha calon tarak~~*.......simpan duet nak keje..xmau la menjadi anak termahal di abad ini~~~ hehe akan diusahakan.....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

ayah saye..

haha bace blog adik..pastu ader gambar ayah ku yang hot....oh cik rudy bergossip ngan uncle mokhtar rupenye..nak bincang pasal kebun ke bertukar resepi rahsia??? ayah saye yg landing kat tiang tu la...ngan kain pelikat tige suku, stylo ok...

oh ye, ayah saye mmg peramah...dulu die la hero taman sebab umah sebelah kami adalah anak2 dara cina yg suke mengacau ayah..ayah cikgu automotif, so kalau kete xbley stat jek panggil ayah...kadang2 nak parking kete pon boleh mintak tolong...bayangkan la, even burung lepas pon panggil ayah...ingat bapakku hero kampung dusun ke? xpe, ayah saye suke membantu org..hehe raye cine dapat coklat ngan limau no problem..just call him...he's on-call 24/7...ingat doc jek on-call??? tidak tidak..ayah saye on-call wat...huhuhuhu..kesimpulannye di sini, saye rindu ayah saye....hehhe ayah yg kalau kat tepon seperti ilang ilham nak cakap ape...segan2 plak becakap ngan kite...xpe yah, saye byk idea nak cakap..ayah layan jek saye ok...huhuhu i miss u la uncle rudy...see you ok...lagi 2bulan jek..nanti kite cuti pusing2 satu msia ok...ayah belanje pakai duet pencen..huhu~~~~

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Confession of a Friend

Confession of a Friend

It’s been a while

since my heart has been changing,
since I’ve been dealing with it lonesome..
every time you came back,
I hated the guy that made you cry

I’d rather protect you,
although I don’t know if it will make it better…

This time I’ll hold you and love you
is what I thought

Baby, come to me now
And be my lady
I’ve watched you for too long
I stood there with no words,
hiding my pitiful heart.

As a friend, to remain as friends,
I had to push the confessions down my throat
But now I’ll confess to you,
I love you…

You hold my hand and tell me you only have me
Keeping me as a friend,
you say it’s a blessing
Whenever you say let’s never change,
I had to push my feelings down

It might be best if I protect you,
not knowing if it will be better

I kept hearing it but I kept cool
I was too scared to lose you, but…

Baby (Baby) Come to me now (Come to me)
And be my lady (lady)
I’ve watched you for too long
I stood there with no words,
hiding my pitiful heart (No)

As a friend (Your friend), to remain as friends (I know),
I had to push the confessions down my throat (The overflowing words)

That confession (confession) I had to hold it in (I couldn’t say it)
But now I’ll confess to you,
I love you…

a/n: this song is actually an old song by 2AM...but i just got the chance to hear it...thanks to Dream's just, so sad...ahhh~~~

Sunday, October 18, 2009

bye bye..

every beginning has its end...but it's not the's just another beginning for my never ending journey....finish my study here, pack my stuff, leave few memories here and there...and tada, back at step one...another year in IPBA..then work...ahhhh cepatnye...not even a glance, not even a life just pass me by.....any regrets? duhh of course there is....but let's just live life to the is not as cruel as it seems...

*ok..what i wrote is just full of crap..haha but dunno why, just feel like i need to get it out of my*

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dong Bang update *seriously*

omg omg...finally I got my hand on at least ONE of their COUNTLESS appearances for Colors...well my friend and I was on a mission to get their CD Data mag, last month issue *which was sold out in just ONE FUCKING DAY here in Sydney*..but yeah, we didn't get we *well more like she did* tried again this time with Pati Pati ....obviously coz they got pin-up poster duhh~~~and yay..we did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and guess wat..there's this 2 pictures *full page* of Kato Kazuki!!!!he's too hot...omo he was seriously not that hot in

soo going to put this poster on top of my i can go to sleep watching it and wake up to it also..*mushy much~~~* another Colors copy is here...thank you so much to my dearie Chong...babe I got Chun's card!!!! *jealous??? lol* but thanks!!! I LOVE IT <3

and before that...I already received my very ANTICIPATED The Secret Code DVD Tour....omo, the whole 3++ hours are too priceless...each moment is just ahhh indescribable..well maybe coz of all these crap of them disbanding/fighting and all, it's just overwhelming....and they are GOOD..i mean DAMN GOOD...eventhough yoochun's too husky screams kinda annoy me at some point, still their voices are just AMAZING.... and I got it on my ipod also and it becomes my bed-time story now...need to get a dose of TSC every night before i go to sleep....ehehehe

and no, I didn't buy two...lols I'm not that fanatic ok...but yeah, it was a great buy..yay!!!!!!and there it Dong Bang updates..dun tell me i didn't warn you hehehe~~~~

me <3>

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Three Rivers

watched Three Rivers last nite..
tbh..for the sake of Daniel Henney only..
well it's kinda hard to ignore that
just typical medical drama...
one hard-headed doc..ok i dun think i remember what his name was..
one flirty womanizer..damn hawt weh..david lee..oh henney~~
and one female lead..ok she's Shane from the L word..she looks weird with long hair..i mean she used to be the boyish type and all....
but yeah, it's just the 1st ep..who knows it will get better later rite...
like this korean drama i watched..omo, i'm stuck to it..and i haven't download the rest of the another 13 f**king ep...ahhh!!!!
btw..will watch Three Rivers again next week..hopefully, i'll like it...coz it's been awhile since i'm actually glued to my when they still air Grey's, Brothers & Sisters or Heroes on tv...then again, 2 and a half men is maybe i'll just stick to that...eehheeh

wish me luck for tomorrow's presentation...
william...i **** you~~

Saturday, October 10, 2009


...anda tidak penting bg saye...
..jadi jgn la over..
*love peace, no war*

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


nak balik Malaysia sudah....
siap buat diskusi hangat before decide the exact date...
pam pam pam~~~~~
12 DEC 09....
bye bye Sydney =( hola Malaysia!!!!!!!

hepi hepi byk bende kot kene fikir sebenarnye...

1. kene siapkan esaimen dulu..*tp baru perasan, this sem is less hectic than the previous one..uhu*
8th Oct = Microteaching..*yes students...let's learn SIMILE..oh yeah merepek*
13th Oct = Reflection on Microteaching.... *800words jek...boleh boleh..huhu*
15th Oct = EDUC 343 group posters...*mari kite buat bersama wahai syairah bilik sebelah..*
5th Nov = EDUC 391 in-class test...*ahhh malas membace*
10th Nov = LING 316...*ahh ntah berapa ribu words pon tatau..jauh lagi tu nak anto*
13th Nov = EDUC343 Photo+3pages essay *ah kamera tarak.bagaimanakah..*...LING 316 Poster presentation *haisy..poster lagi..kompem pakai kertas sem lepas..haha ntah2 points pn cilok jek*

2. kene start packing barang....uwaaa cmne nak nak anto balik...ntah2 nanti anto barang, mak ayah pening..gaye mcm kene beli umah lagi sebijik..stor kat umah pon cam dah xmuat..huhu ini kalau antar printer balik, cukup la sorg satu kat umah..siap mak satu, ayah satu, budak raihan yg xsampai setahun pon boleh dapat satu dah......seb baek xbeli speaker, kalau x mak mesti bsing...xreti nak berkongsi anak2 die nie...hehehehe....

ini pon kalu bley, kipas2 sume nak anto balik, tp kerek no la tu.....huhu...buku *2-3 bijik jek ader* ngan kertas2 ni tatau la nak buang mane...kalau bakar ni, boleh stat kebakaran utan ke ek?.....haisy, ngan tv ape sume ni...sape nak???? lelong2.....amik tv dapat tempat hang baju skali...hehehe kalau baik, jaket2 pon aku kasik free...tade sape nak pakai dah ni...

3. ahhh jgn dilupe, souvenir utk jiran tetangge...huhuhu last year, mmg beli utk kaum kerabat jek..itu pon xtermasok sedara mara...haha kasi adik beradik sndiri jek..pastu mak ayah...taun ni xbeli ape pon lagi..utk yg muda remaja, nana n adik tu dah lepas..tinggal kakak2 berumur jek...hehehehe nak beli mende la ek....nanti utk budak2 kecik tu lagi....haisy..windu windu...ini yg kene kasi hadiah spesel ni, tp pape hal...tunggu duet dulu yer...hehe poket semakin kering, wallet semakin nipis....bilekah elaun akan datang? duet dalam bank tinggal 40sen jek tolak duet umah 14 oct ni..*huhu serious xtipu*....apela nak makan 40sen tu ek....makan roti expired ajo la....huhu *buat aksi sedih...mintak2 mak bace ...hahha*

4. last but not least, final trip around sydney...yihaa!!!! esaimen sume malas nak pikir, tp excited duk pikir pasal nak bejalan...haisy, blue mountain pon xsampai lagi cmne nie....NZ nun smpai dah, tp melbourne pon xjejak...tmpat laen xyah cakap la...huhuhu watever la yg pntg tunggu duet...huhu pastu sakan ..yay~~~~

ahhh mcm2 bende fikir...patotnye siapkan esaimen dulu...dah la esok kot..haisy, bayah bayah...ape nak jadi la ko ni bayah...berubah la..huhu~~

Monday, October 5, 2009


byk sgt tgk movies and dramas....menyebabkan tahap ke-berangan-an diri ini semakin meninggi (bayah, 2009)

yesterday was cold...well thanks to the continuous rain from friday I think.....
when i looked out the window...well wat do u expect?
1. Harry Potter on his broom on the way to Hogwarts?
2. Optimus Prime rise from the swimming pool?
3. Mary Poppins and her umbrella dancing in the rain?
4. DBSK singing their hearts out in front of my house?

hahaha nothing...just rain..with star-less sky..... i wish i can see any of those things *points at the list above* in real life...
that's why i said....tahap ke-berangan-an sudah berada di tahap membimbangkan....
maybe rindu sangat kat malaysia or...overdose kuih raya...lols~~

Sunday, September 27, 2009

aku dan teh ais

ape yg best?
One Buck Short? biase jek....
menang raffle? haisy..dapat food voucher pon, katenye xhalal, aigoo....
mamat2 kacak? biase jek...sume pura2 hangat ader la...*tp ade gak..huhu*
ahhh bende utama yg ditunggu2 di Mfest...

TEH AIS!!!~~!!!!!!

hahaha boleh jek beli kat Mamak or Uncle Sam or Cafe xslalu pi
kirenye dah alang2 menari kat Mfest..beli la skali......
skali ke? oh tidak..*geleng2 kepala*....2 kali yer
1st time beli...rasenye agak kureng....
2nd time beli...*only 2 left*...rasenye amatla sedap...sungguh mengingatkan daku pada warung2 di msia.....
mahal pon mahal la...yg penting dapat rase selepas beberapa bulan...
*hehe ikotkan harge 2 teh ais sini, boleh dapat dekat 20 gelas kot kat msia..itu pon kalu teh ais msia still rm1 la..msia mantap woo bende sume mahal daaa*

kenapakah teh ais menjadi pilihan?
air yg warnye seperti air lecak ini...
tp rasenye sungguh la 'heaven' exaggerate giler...
ingat lagi dolu2 kat skola...
pi skola naek kete ngan member, ayah die doc..kire kaye la berada...pastu pi makan..duk la order...masing2 order la yg juice2 ni... apple, orange, honey dew juice etc..smpai la time nak order...'bang, teh ais satu'....huhu adik member ni sepantas kilat tnye akak die..'sis, teh ais tu ape?'....amboi2...berani die tatau air feveret xkesah la..xmalu pong...sebab pastu budak tu mintak..haha nyesal die xorder awal2....huhuhu bertambah lagi sorg peminat....*leh jadi promoter teh ais ni*

2nd story...hahah last year...first thing i ordered right after touch-down....'nak teh ais, mak'
haha ayah geleng2 gelak...byk2 bende teh ais gak order dulu...pastu straight plak tu sebulan minum teh ais manjang..letak la pagi bute ke, malam ujan ribut ke..yg pntg teh ais...hehehe

yg penting...teh ais dan daku xdapat dipisahkan..oh yeah~~~
i lap u bebeyh!!~~!!

Friday, September 18, 2009 babies have arrived!!!!!!!!
still waiting for another two...
but I'm too excited to care about those

my raye parcel!!!!
haha never knew mak ayah were going to send a lot of kuih raye...
i was oni thinking of maybe 1 or 2 types but instead, I got 2 kerepeks and 5kuihs..
it's been awhile since I ate kerepek....
hahha mak and ayah love me too
eventhough there's no kerisik..haha dun care la~~
btw..thanks mak ayah for the parcel....and others oso, yaty and adik for buying the stuff for me..

btw ayah..kawan saye tnye...cmne kepek boleh xpecah ni??
hehe wanna share the secret of how good you are in organizing and arranging stuff?
and again, ur handwriting was praised...go cikgu rudy~~~

and...jeng jeng jeng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my second parcel....
the SPECIAL parcel...yihaa...
finally my dream came true!!!!
my very own iPod Touch...

just to think of the engraving took me about 4hours and few people to consult...
me and my indecisiveness....*shakes head*
finally I end up with this...
'Hope to the End...Bahiah'
hehe simple, yet meaningful to me...

and this is the casing...dunno why but I just think this one is interesting....
been meaning to buy the black with red lining on it..but ahhh it's always black and red for me..time for new colour...*inserts Purple Line by Tohoshinki...*

still got 2 parcels to arrive by end of Sept *if i'm lucky*
but there's high possibility the latest it will arrive will be early Oct...just wait then....
ahhh it's the last day of time flies~~~~~
my last Raya in Sydney...better enjoy it..*still going to cry anyway*
and an assignment due on the 2nd day of raya...
life is just GREAT!!!! *thanks Jill*
still...nothing can beat our festive spirit...yay!!!

Selamat Hari Raya everyone~~~~

Monday, September 14, 2009

my babies....

it's 2.47am...assignment due in less than 72 hours...
but I can't stop thinking about my 'babies' that will arrive this month...
hehe..i'm expecting 4parcels in this lovely SEPTEMBER *and maybe early OCTOBER*......

1. parcel raye..kepek+brooch+other stuffs *can't be mentioned*
*estimated arrival date: friday maybe..hopefully, no later than that...or else raya will come first..

2. special parcel...OMG too happy for this...can't wait!!!
*estimated arrival date: the latest this week...hopefully this week..faster!!!

3. parcel from HMV...oh yeah, my 'The Secret Code Tour:Final in Tokyo Dome'
*estimated arrival date: early october maybe..since the release date is 30th sept..but who knows miracle might happen and it will arrive on 30sept

4. parcel from birthday present from Chong..hahaha yeah, it's been weeks since my birthday..but dun care..still waiting happily for my Colors copy...yay!!
*estimated arrival date: I think the same date as concert dvd..*fail fangirl*..but yesasia is well-known for its 'punctual' yeah..

ok back to my discarded/neglected/abandoned assignment....*whichever you prefer*
btw, life sucks lately....
hopefully, all these parcels will make up for those times...
another thing...
happy fasting *it's almost the end*...and happy raya!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Startech SUCKS!!!!!
are you f**king kidding me???
I just opened my internet account last week..
*bak kate org melayu, kad kredit masih panas lagi sebab digesek*
but today, my remaining account is less than 5GB...
what the f**k!!!!!!
memang la rajin/kaki donlod tp baru donlod xsampai 2GB.....
haisy..ini mmg amatla menguji tahap kesabaran yg xsetinggi mane nie...
cakap ngan kak mard bersabar, tp dah kene batang idung sndiri, xbley bersabar....
ahh kak mard, kite mangse penipuan startech!!

or die mmg dah boleh detect aktiviti sumbangleweng yg slalu dilakukan before bermulanye account baru??
ahhh tidak...ini tidak adil!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm sweet??

You Are Sweet

You are easy going and pleasant. You are always happy and upbeat.

No wonder you're so popular. There's nothing to dislike about you.

You are both likable and lovable. In fact, some people feel very passionately about you.

You are simply bliss inducing. You remind people to take time and enjoy life.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

hand lotion

YH: if you want Jaejoong then use lot of lotion , He need a pretty hand so get a massage
And you have to be very confident

when you meet Jaejoong , you must be able to say
" You jaejoong , will definietly fall for me in few days "
then you will have him
Everyone, don't forget
JJ: it's the hand rather than looks

*taken from Yunjae Couple Talk, AADBSK 3..
Credit: YJL Trans: Lovely JJ

List of things to buy...
1. Hand Lotion
2. Hand Lotion
3. more Hand Lotion

Thursday, August 13, 2009


*even if I haven't met you..not even once..hehehe*


Extra Hot Fried Rice with Bulgogi
*korean fried marinated beef*
supposedly, it's grilled beef...but I'm lazy, so the beef ended up being fried instead of grilled...
second attempt actually, since I literally poured almost half a bottle of soy sauce on it the first
thank's so much better this time..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

early start...

got nothing else better to do..
so I went to e-Student...
*again, looking at my pathetic result..huhu*...
and take a look at my new schedule for my last sem.....
supposedly, we got 2days-off..but thanks to our dearie Pamela..we only got one day-off
*hey be*

ahhh it would be better if they can just move the Monday lecture and re-schedule it on Thursday instead...
*ehh too full? I dun think I can stand that also*
hehe it's not like I can change anything...
what to do..other than complain???
hehehe gotta get ready for new sem...


it's my very own.....
Hainanese Chicken Rice
*ok ok..not as good as May's *in Chatswood* or Poh's *Master Chef..but it's her*
hehe kalau Master Chef nie...presentation pon fail..kekekek
xkire..yg pnting i kenyang~~

so what's next on the list??
1. Italian Chicken Casserole
2. Jajangmyun
3. Crepe
4. Bulgogi *of course using Halal beef..hehe*

go Bayah!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Japanese Dorama

only 2 weeks left before new/last semester starts...
ahhh how time flies......
during the holidays...obviously I got nothing to do...
so I end up going back to my old habit...
hahah thanks to my friends..for giving me a whole lot of dramas to watch
*Korean and Japanese...but yeah, I've always prefer the jap dorama than korean..coz it's obviously less dramatic, not lengthy/draggy and I just LOVE LOVE all those comical/anime-ish reaction those actors have...but sometimes the sad dorama can still bring tears to my eyes*
most of the dramas I've watched this hols are the ones that I haven't watch...but there are some that I watch twice
*either becoz it was too good..or just simply funny and adorable..or maybe coz I just want to watch the hero...heheh*

1. Voice

omg..I didn't know that I will LOVE LOVE this story!!!
*heeheh even the banner looks like 5 psychos in an*
seriously, reading from the synopsis..I thought that this dorama will be like the typical jap dorama where the lead is just so ambitious and soooo into his career/study *in this story, as Forensic Medicine student...uuu CSI guy*....he'll be the type of guy that knows everything and will be damn competitive with other poeple...well I was wrong... still have that type of typicality *hehe I just knew this word exist*......but it also has many funny moments esp when Daiki keeps asking 'why' to every single thing that his friend does....
i-'why do you have to put different ringtone for people...even if u know who's calling, why do u have to look to the caller id before u finally answer it?'
ii-'why do you put ur alarm on snooze eventhough u know that it will ring again after few minutes and have to wake up again to that dreadful sound'
this dorama also has that Tru Calling feel since Daiki's I-Know-The-Answer-Behind-All-These moment is like when Tru was touched by all those dead people...but unlike Tru, he collected all those data and memories he have *with his special background music and other people's voice start to lessen and he got this vision..bla bla know the drill* and finally..BAM!! he got the answer...heheheh
yeah this movie got so many scientific terms that are used mostly by doctors *hehe dats why Nana likes this rite??*
some of the terms...Crush Syndrome, Anaphylactic Shock, Pulmonary Embolism, Munchausen Sydnrome...
instead of focusing on that...I was more interested in the food that they ate...haha * u know me*
Sukiyaki, nikujaga, gyuudon, oyakodon, monjayaki, kinmei-dai....hmm yummy~~~
in short..I just love this dorama and it took me only 2days to finish watching the whole series...yiihaaa!!!!

2. Mei-chan No Shitsuji
*Mei-chan's Butler*

hahaha another favourite..okay this one,I finish it in only 1 day...
*coz Rihito-sama is soo hot* be honest the storyline is kinda ridiculous and out-of-the-world..
come on, how can this type of school exists??
hehe this dorama is about a school for the heiress of all the big companies in Japan..the school size is 1/3 of Tokyo itself..*hahah*..each heiress must have an ikemen/super handsome butler in order to enter the school however love between the lady and the butler is totally forbidden...each butler has a rank..S-rank is the highest rank *obviously Rihito-sama* Rihito-sama was assigned to this 'kampung' girl and that's where the whole story starts...the 'kampung' girl turned out to be the heiress to this powerful businessman and is the rival to the school's First the end of course the 'kampung' girl and Rihito-sama are cute~~
this is why I love jap can make anything believeable and matter how weird or ridiculous the storyline sounds, it's one hell of a fun dorama..hehe

3. Osen

not really my favourite drama but I'm the type that will finish the series eventhough I keep complaining throughout the whole thing...
it's about a young Okami *the owner of the restaurant* who manages her family restaurant, Isshouan and she's called Osen-san...and there's this one guy from the city who's so damn passionate about traditional japanese cuisine and was so excited when he got a job at Isshouan...but his job is not as easy or inspiring as he imagines *and the pay was damn low* basically it's about him getting to know more of the osen-san and his dream...
but it's interesting to see them preparing many types of authentic japanese cuisine...
at the end of each episode, I end up craving for some japanese food..
*basically, I only got*

4. Hotaru no Hikari

hahah this dorama is kinda funny...'s been awhile since I've watched Naohito Fujiki's drama..that's why I watch this...
omg..never knew that an office girl who looks so damn elegant and sophisticated at work can turn into this weird girl who loves wearing jersey, got this 'chonmage' hairstyle/high ponytail, and drinks beer whenever she goes back home...and she ends up living with his manager *who totally freak out when he first met her at home* since she's living at her manager's home yeah, she thought she fell in love with her collegue but right at the end, she realizes that the one she really love is someone else..hehehe
cute love story...with funny moments here and there coz this girl is just so damn clueless about being in love and all...

5. Nodame Cantabile

omg..this is my all-time favourite...
this hols is the third time I watch it..hehehe
it's from a obviously, it's damn comical and the computer-effect is just...interesting..
but Chiaki-sama..hehe never knew that he can be this crazy just to portray the character...
and Nodame is just loved..she's damn cute and dumb...but super talented...
it never cross my mind that they'll end up together coz he's the type of rich and sophisticated and she's obviously this clueless, *slightly* dirty, unorganized kind of girl...and this guy has so many girls after her...but yeah, never knew what's inside a guy's head rite...
for any japanese manga/anime this!!!!
super duper best!!!

6. Code Blue

the first reason why I watch this is definitely because Yamapi was in it...
actually, I watched this series last year...dec I think..but didn't finish it...hehe lost of interest maybe...
since I always have to watch the whole series, finally after few months, I watch the last episode few days ago....
but yeah..this dorama is quite ok too...cause the cases are mostly interesting..
there were some sad moments too...eventhough Yamapi's hair kinda bothers me, but as usual he's good...watched some of his doramas before, most of it are good....
but I just hate the nurse..yeah yeah I get're strong, you've been through a lot, you got more experience than the young doctors...but that doesn't give you the reason to be all cold and cocky...always thinking that new doctors are too dependent and has this mindset, books-can't-teach-you-doctors-everything...duh, obviously..that's why you are there to help them coz if you don't know, THEY ARE NEW!!!ok, maybe her character is supposed to do that...but I just hate her....*hehe no emo-ness*

so basically..that's all...
but there's still some doramas on the line..waiting to be
dunno when I can finish the whole thing....