Tuesday, July 21, 2009

early start...

got nothing else better to do..
so I went to e-Student...
*again, looking at my pathetic result..huhu*...
and take a look at my new schedule for my last sem.....
supposedly, we got 2days-off..but thanks to our dearie Pamela..we only got one day-off
*hey be grateful..lol*

ahhh it would be better if they can just move the Monday lecture and re-schedule it on Thursday instead...
*ehh too full? I dun think I can stand that also*
hehe it's not like I can change anything...
what to do..other than complain???
hehehe gotta get ready for new sem...


it's my very own.....
Hainanese Chicken Rice
*ok ok..not as good as May's *in Chatswood* or Poh's *Master Chef..but it's her recipe..lol*
hehe kalau Master Chef nie...presentation pon fail..kekekek
xkire..yg pnting i kenyang~~

so what's next on the list??
1. Italian Chicken Casserole
2. Jajangmyun
3. Crepe
4. Bulgogi *of course using Halal beef..hehe*

go Bayah!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Japanese Dorama

only 2 weeks left before new/last semester starts...
ahhh how time flies......
during the holidays...obviously I got nothing to do...
so I end up going back to my old habit...
hahah thanks to my friends..for giving me a whole lot of dramas to watch
*Korean and Japanese...but yeah, I've always prefer the jap dorama than korean..coz it's obviously less dramatic, not lengthy/draggy and I just LOVE LOVE all those comical/anime-ish reaction those actors have...but sometimes the sad dorama can still bring tears to my eyes*
most of the dramas I've watched this hols are the ones that I haven't watch...but there are some that I watch twice
*either becoz it was too good..or just simply funny and adorable..or maybe coz I just want to watch the hero...heheh*

1. Voice

omg..I didn't know that I will LOVE LOVE this story!!!
*heeheh even the banner looks like 5 psychos in an asylum..lol*
seriously, reading from the synopsis..I thought that this dorama will be like the typical jap dorama where the lead is just so ambitious and soooo into his career/study *in this story, as Forensic Medicine student...uuu CSI guy*....he'll be the type of guy that knows everything and will be damn competitive with other poeple...well I was wrong...
yeah...it still have that type of typicality *hehe I just knew this word exist*......but it also has many funny moments esp when Daiki keeps asking 'why' to every single thing that his friend does....
i-'why do you have to put different ringtone for people...even if u know who's calling, why do u have to look to the caller id before u finally answer it?'
ii-'why do you put ur alarm on snooze eventhough u know that it will ring again after few minutes and have to wake up again to that dreadful sound'
this dorama also has that Tru Calling feel since Daiki's I-Know-The-Answer-Behind-All-These moment is like when Tru was touched by all those dead people...but unlike Tru, he collected all those data and memories he have *with his special background music and other people's voice start to lessen and he got this vision..bla bla bla..you know the drill* and finally..BAM!! he got the answer...heheheh
yeah this movie got so many scientific terms that are used mostly by doctors *hehe dats why Nana likes this rite??*
some of the terms...Crush Syndrome, Anaphylactic Shock, Pulmonary Embolism, Munchausen Sydnrome...
instead of focusing on that...I was more interested in the food that they ate...haha * u know me*
Sukiyaki, nikujaga, gyuudon, oyakodon, monjayaki, kinmei-dai....hmm yummy~~~
in short..I just love this dorama and it took me only 2days to finish watching the whole series...yiihaaa!!!!

2. Mei-chan No Shitsuji
*Mei-chan's Butler*

hahaha another favourite..okay this one,I finish it in only 1 day...
*coz Rihito-sama is soo hot*
okay..to be honest the storyline is kinda ridiculous and out-of-the-world..
come on, how can this type of school exists??
hehe this dorama is about a school for the heiress of all the big companies in Japan..the school size is 1/3 of Tokyo itself..*hahah*..each heiress must have an ikemen/super handsome butler in order to enter the school however love between the lady and the butler is totally forbidden...each butler has a rank..S-rank is the highest rank *obviously Rihito-sama*...so Rihito-sama was assigned to this 'kampung' girl and that's where the whole story starts...the 'kampung' girl turned out to be the heiress to this powerful businessman and is the rival to the school's First Lady...at the end of course the 'kampung' girl and Rihito-sama are together..so cute~~
this is why I love jap dorama..it can make anything believeable and real....no matter how weird or ridiculous the storyline sounds, it's one hell of a fun dorama..hehe

3. Osen

not really my favourite drama but I'm the type that will finish the series eventhough I keep complaining throughout the whole thing...
it's about a young Okami *the owner of the restaurant* who manages her family restaurant, Isshouan and she's called Osen-san...and there's this one guy from the city who's so damn passionate about traditional japanese cuisine and was so excited when he got a job at Isshouan...but his job is not as easy or inspiring as he imagines *and the pay was damn low*...so basically it's about him getting to know more of the osen-san and his dream...
but it's interesting to see them preparing many types of authentic japanese cuisine...
at the end of each episode, I end up craving for some japanese food..
*basically, I only got sushi..lol*

4. Hotaru no Hikari

hahah this dorama is kinda funny...
plus..it's been awhile since I've watched Naohito Fujiki's drama..that's why I watch this...
omg..never knew that an office girl who looks so damn elegant and sophisticated at work can turn into this weird girl who loves wearing jersey, got this 'chonmage' hairstyle/high ponytail, and drinks beer whenever she goes back home...and she ends up living with his manager *who totally freak out when he first met her at home* since she's living at her manager's home illegally..lol..and yeah, she thought she fell in love with her collegue but right at the end, she realizes that the one she really love is someone else..hehehe
cute love story...with funny moments here and there coz this girl is just so damn clueless about being in love and all...

5. Nodame Cantabile

omg..this is my all-time favourite...
this hols is the third time I watch it..hehehe
it's from a manga..so obviously, it's damn comical and the computer-effect is just...interesting..
but Chiaki-sama..hehe never knew that he can be this crazy just to portray the character...
and Nodame is just loved..she's damn cute and dumb...but super talented...
it never cross my mind that they'll end up together coz he's the type of rich and sophisticated and she's obviously this clueless, *slightly* dirty, unorganized kind of girl...and this guy has so many girls after her...but yeah, never knew what's inside a guy's head rite...
for any japanese manga/anime lover...watch this!!!!
super duper best!!!

6. Code Blue

the first reason why I watch this is definitely because Yamapi was in it...
actually, I watched this series last year...dec I think..but didn't finish it...hehe lost of interest maybe...
since I always have to watch the whole series, finally after few months, I watch the last episode few days ago....
but yeah..this dorama is quite ok too...cause the cases are mostly interesting..
there were some sad moments too...eventhough Yamapi's hair kinda bothers me, but as usual he's good...watched some of his doramas before, most of it are good....
but I just hate the nurse..yeah yeah I get it..you're strong, you've been through a lot, you got more experience than the young doctors...but that doesn't give you the reason to be all cold and cocky...always thinking that new doctors are too dependent and has this mindset, books-can't-teach-you-doctors-everything...duh, obviously..that's why you are there to help them coz if you don't know, THEY ARE NEW!!!ok, maybe her character is supposed to do that...but I just hate her....*hehe no emo-ness ok...lol*

so basically..that's all...
but there's still some doramas on the line..waiting to be watched..lol
dunno when I can finish the whole thing....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

benci dan sakit hati..

ahhh i dunno how to say this...
but i am sooo benci and sakit hati ngan u la..
i kan..nak baek2 ngan u ok...tp u buat mcm ni kat i...
kus semangat~~~
i rase nak mcm scream kuat2 kasi tahap pecah panggung punye....
x pon, rase nak slap someone smpai mulut senget....

ooooo u invi ngan i kat ym yer..ingat i xtau...
obviously la duk kuar notification *** is online...xsmpai 4saat..offline...
pastu biler i nak tidur..tetibe notify lagi *** is now offline...eh bukan offline dr td ker??
wtf...xpayah la nak invi....ckp jek terang2 kat batang idung i...*yela idung i xcantk*
"hmm sorila.. i xnak kawan ngan u..u jgn kacau i lagi boleh??"
ok..maybe xla se-direct ini..bajet ok.....
hahaha secepat kilat i delete teros u dr friend list ok...
xdenye i mengganggu ataupon menghabiskan hatta sesaat pon mase u tu..

u baru accept friend request i...so nak la ckp thanks
pastu setakat nak ckp sket kat FB pon xmau...
waaa kasi msg 1, tetibe offline juger....
baek xpayah accept kan....
ececehh...macam mengejar star la plak...
xde maknenye eh...dah name kawan, so sajer jela nak mengacau..
i busan la kat bilik ni xbley tido cik abang/akak oi....dats why la i mengacau u...

huhuhu u buat gini yer...
xpela...xluak pape pon on my side...
pasni...u cakap sepatah pon, rase malas nak layan...
kalau i busan giler2 babeng nanti, baru la i cari la u balik..hehehe

*sorry for the rambling and inconsistency of the language used in this post..
hehhe i sungguh benci dan meluat smpai nada dan bahasa pon tunggang terbalik..hehehe*
*penggunaan i dan u pon mcm geli sebenarnye...tp kalau pakai ko aku mcm ganas sgt la plak..hehe*

Sunday, July 12, 2009

old addiction..

nothing else to do during hols..
sudoku seems like a brilliant idea..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

survey dr cik fathen uols...


sometimes i just need:
- to know that someone will always be there for me, through bad and good times.

sometimes i want:
-to be able to do and have everything that I dream of.

sometimes i like to:
-watch sad and heart-breaking stories and just cry my heart out.

sometimes all it takes:
-is courage to tell someone that I love him.

sometimes i picture:
-myself as a loving wife. *ahh xtahan*

sometimes i wish:
-for DBSK to held a special performance with only me being the audience.

sometimes i find:
-myself loves receiving attention from people.

sometimes i take:
-forever to tell someone what I feel.

sometimes i look:
-through the pictures folder in my laptop and laugh alone remembering the past.

sometimes i hate:
-it when I can't make decision on my own.

sometimes it’s nice:
-to just lie on my bed, without doing anything for the whole day.

sometimes it hurts:
-to deny how I truly feel about someone.

sometimes it makes me happy:
- just by receiving call from muhammad.

sometimes it’s sad:
- being alone in foreign country.

sometimes i listen:
-to 'rock kapak' songs when I'm bored.

sometimes i sleep:
-for 10 hours straight and still feel sleepy after 4 hours of being awake.

sometimes i like to watch:
-people from my window. *some people call it menara kawalan*

sometimes i feel:
-annoyed at certain someone.

sometimes i rant:
-when I don't really know what to say.

sometimes i never:
-realize I hurt someone.

sometimes i really:
-feel bad when I can't laugh at someone's joke.

When I’m ..

sad, i want: to be alone.

happy, i need: someone to share it with.

mad, i wish: I can just vent out my anger at the person who caused it.

overjoyed, i find: that I will grin 24-7.

indifferent, i like to: keep quiet and just let everything pass me by.

content, i never: hide it, I'll let everyone knows about it.

frustrated, all it takes: for me to handle it is sleep on it, and just hope that it will go away once I'm awake.

you saw your best friend on one side of the road, but you also saw one of your close family members on the other side, and they were both in serious danger, who would you go to help first?
- help my family member first, then die with my best friend if I didn't manage to save him/her. *omg, isn't that the most touching thing u guys ever heard??*

you had the choice of going back in time to or go forward in time to see the future, which would you choose?
-I would go forward to see the future and come back to the present to make everything better.

I'M OLD!!!!

have you guys ever imagine of being old???
starts thinking about politics, groceries, buying house and stuff like that?
ignore the entertainment stuff...stop reading HOT, OK, Mangga *haha I didn't just say that..lol*.....
instead, pick 'more mature' magazines from the store's bookshelves like..hmm..ape ek??

ok..I'm not that old...still in my early twenties...*damn early I should say*
at one time.....
I was daydreaming of attending DBSK's concert in Seoul and Japan....
fangirl-ing over DBSK with my dearest friends.....
I was talking *gossiping* with my friends about the latest celeb rumours...
watching movies, cartoons and anime in my laptop....
spending hours on my bed just because it's too cold and the comforter seems like a nice cocoon..
turn on the highest volume of my laptop listening to old songs and singing alone like some crazy people....

but in a matter of a phone call....
I was bombarded with questions like...
....what type of car I want.....
.....where am I going to start teaching...
....what kind of place I want to live in...
.....what kind of teacher do I want to be..
....what can I do help certain someone back home...
...am I going to further my studies later...
....have I think of the best fund/saving for my future...

ok..now I feel old...
why...why..why do I have to start thinking of all those stuffs???
why can't I just stay and live like this *happy and unburdened*???
why can't I just think of DBSK 24-7???
why can't I survive without working but still able to go shopping whenever I want??
still...life is too short to waste....
since life is too short...I won't be spending my time complaining about all this..hehe
so minna *random jap*...

Thursday, July 2, 2009


it's 2.48am...
usually i'd be on my bed rite now..
sleeping like a log...
but, i can't sleep tonite...
not thinking about 'you', 'you', or 'you'
*points finger randomly at anyone*
just can't sleep...
my stomach is too full...
damn u oh so-delicious-my-late-night-snack....
hehehe no one to blame but myself..lol

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stand By U

Stand By U

Since the day you left without a word of goodbye
I feel that the scenery around me has changed.
The promise I made
that I would become your everything
and the incomplete memories
have also changed.

When you were crying by yourself back then,
if only had I run to you
you would still be by my side.
If I was given one more chance,
I would tell you once again
that I love you.
But the words that contain my overflowing feelings
cannot reach you anymore.

Where are you now?
Who are you being with?
What kind of clothes are you wearing?
What are you doing and laughing at?
I am right here.
Even now, I am right here.
And I still believe that we will see each other again.
You're the only one I'm thinking of.

Just once more,
I want you to stand at my back with your tied hair
asking me "Guess who it is~~~"
and expecting me to say out your name.*
Just the two of us being silly like that day by day.

I can't forget you,
But the truth is, I don't want to forget you.
I can't feel even a bit of happiness
because you're not by my side.
No matter how hard I try,
I'll end up crying
and my tears just won't stop.

Where are you now?
Who are you being with?
What kind of clothes are you wearing?
What are you doing and laughing at?
I am right here.
Even now, I am right here.
I still believe that we will see each other again.
You're the only one I'm thinking of.

Therefore, I am right here
singing the song by myself.
Even though I don't have any reason to embrace this pain anymore,
I can't help doing it.

Even if I know that the days
when you were by my side making my world shine
won't come back again,
and no matter what will happen,
no matter how far I'm lost,
I never ever want to forget that my heart has chosen to love you.

No matter where you are,
no matter who you are being with,
no matter what kind of dream you are dreaming of,
or what you are doing and laughing at,
I will be here forever.
Even now, I right am here,
believing in a day that we will meet again.

This feeling won't change,
and you are the only one I'm thinking of.
This feeling won't change,
and you are the only one I'm thinking of.

credit to : linhkawaii @LJ+ tvxqfever.blogspot.com and fseventh @ youtube