Friday, September 2, 2011

words of wisdom

the moment i think of 'WHAT IF' might just be the moment when i stop living in the present and wish for something that i don't deserve

Thursday, September 1, 2011


you care too much
i'm just afraid i can't give back

you love too much
i'm just afraid what i offer isn't as much

your thoughtfulness and protectiveness know no limit
while mine, there's always walls and borders

teach me always
guide me forward
for i am imperfect, just being me

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

happy me

i want to be like this


the thing i hate most whenever i travel is getting sick
i still remember that time when i was in japan, i got sick
it was just an 11days vacation, so every second counts
but then again,we've been travelling A LOT..from north to south and vice versa
whats with the super cold as low as -6 degrees and sometimes a tad warm

so i end up like this
red nose, dizzy, and of course cranky and easily annoyed at things
but i couldn't care less about it
tried to make everything counts so i just got up and do it like nothing happens
like i'm all well and healthy
and it works!
but after that short vacation, i fell sick for almost a week
blame the weather...grrr
thank god i was in malaysia by that time
but that's me,always trying to put up a good front in front of everyone

Sunday, June 26, 2011


i've said these words countless times today
and to different people too

..i miss u..

once i said it,makes me misses them 1000x more
distance does make me suffer
makes me become this vulnerable,fragile person that i never knew i could be
but in a way
it keeps me closer to those important to me
it makes me realize that they are people out there who care and think about me as much as i did for them

Sunday, June 19, 2011

my muse

SHE IS............
my pillar
my strength
my backbone
my moral support
my banker
my financial advisor
my personal counselor
my tailor
my cook
my source of laughter
and the one who wipes my tears away
she was, is and will always be
my muse
my everything

and the best part of it is
she is my

*thanks for putting up with all my nonsense esp for these past few weeks*

Monday, June 13, 2011

Entry #01

i've always heard this..
a picture speaks a thousand words..
so i am gonna start this..
pictures taken from my past and present..
just to reminisce what i've done, remembering back those wonderful/bad times..
just to get to know of myself...=))

very first picture would be..

came across this pic today...
it was taken during my first year in sydney..should be on autumn 08...when i look back at this, i LOL at that big collar..i was like, "woah, why did i wear that"...and wif sneakers too...haha no fashion sense at all eh..but one thing for sure,that long coat is super comfy..knitted maaa...and yes it made me look wonder i wear it..=P
i think i passed it down to a junior before i went back coz i obviously can't wear it thing i LOVE about being overseas is the fact that i can wear those thick clothing and always keep my hands in the pocket when it's cold..i obviously prefer cold weather =)))