Tuesday, July 5, 2011

happy me

i want to be like this


the thing i hate most whenever i travel is getting sick
i still remember that time when i was in japan, i got sick
it was just an 11days vacation, so every second counts
but then again,we've been travelling A LOT..from north to south and vice versa
whats with the super cold as low as -6 degrees and sometimes a tad warm

so i end up like this
red nose, dizzy, and of course cranky and easily annoyed at things
but i couldn't care less about it
tried to make everything counts so i just got up and do it like nothing happens
like i'm all well and healthy
and it works!
but after that short vacation, i fell sick for almost a week
blame the weather...grrr
thank god i was in malaysia by that time
but that's me,always trying to put up a good front in front of everyone