Friday, May 29, 2009

who wears it better?

as usual...I was watching Family Outing ep 3 and 4
*instead of finishing my COMPULSORY assignment*
and I saw Chun Hee aka Chunderella wearing this shirt...
btw he's one of my favourite in this show...*after*
he's always the clueless and dumb one....
still...he has the model-aura somehow..weird neh~~
*coz obviously he starts off his career as a model*

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so the thing is....
*yeah get ready guys..I'm going to talk about Jaejoong DBSK again*
this shirt is the one that Jae endorsed not too long ago..
during their Purple Line time...
here's the pic of him wearing it

so what do you guys think?
who wears it better????
Kim Jaejoong or Lee Chun Hee
you know what my answer is...hehehhe
*acts innocent and totally un-biased*


AnisS. said...

mane aci, gamba lee jun hee pkai baju tu x de edit2, pastu x de posing2
gamba jaejoong, ade edit2 n ade posing2, pouting plak tu

so 2 gamba ni x bole jadi 'who wears it better'
i object!

miszbee said...

hahhaa anis mmg suke condemn jaejoong...
tak aci jugak...
hahah un-edited version patotnye lagi mantap..nmpak chun hee tu mmg pro model aper..hehehe