Friday, May 29, 2009

Ways to overcome your fear of ghost

Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Ghost
taken from Lee Seung Gi, 2008
*omg..never knew he is this cute and naive..wanna squish him and put him in my*

1. Before the ghost attacks you, attacks them first.
when there's a doll beside you, all of a sudden just hit won't know if the doll is possessed or ensure nothing bad happens, just hit it...if it reacts, then it is possessed...if it just stays there, just leave it be coz it means you're safe...

2. Before the ghost scares you, scare them first.
when you enter an empty room..enters with 'hah!!!' to scare the ghost, instead of scaring you, the ghost will be the one who'll shit their pants....

3. Try to get into the ghost's good book.
usually, the ghosts in the movies will attack anyone whom they have grudges if you're being a good guy/girl, they won't ever attack or scare you..since you did nothing to anger them...

4. When you're alone inside the elevator and suddenly you feel goosebumps, sings a happy song to entertain the ghost.
instead of scaring the hell out of you...the ghost will be happy and starts doing other things...if you're lucky, they'll sing with you and accompany you til you reach your place...

5. Always gives good critic and comment to the ghost when you watch horror movie.
like when there's a scene where the ghost appears in every level when you're in the elevator....instead of being scared or close your eyes, says this..."wow..she's fast!!"

he thinks that people might think he's crazy when he did this..
well what do you think Seung Gi-ah..of course you

credit to nglktshinhwa on youtube

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