Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dr John Dorian...

dunno why..but I'm into Scrubs *again* lately....
I stop watching it last year *I was a huge fan back then* but then I'm into it again...
omg..he's damn funny and his straight face when he makes jokes
but his scene with the janitor would always be my favorite moment
coz they always fight over meaningless and ridiculous little things

Janitor: Doors broke..
JD: Maybe theres a penny stuck in it.
Janitor: Why a penny?
JD: No reason
Janitor: Did you put a penny in there? If i find a penny in there, im coming after you.

Janitor: You're afraid of escalators.
J.D.: That's not uncommon.
Janitor: You like the way cashmere feels on your skin!
J.D.: How are you doing this?
Janitor: That's right! You run away! Run away from the truth!

J.D walks in and sees janitor in shorts
J.D : Wearing shorts today?
Janitor : What i can't wear shorts, because i'm a lowly janitor?
J.D : I didn't say lowly.
Janitor : Oh, now i'm just a janitor?
J.D : Yes!
Janitor : You're unhappy..... I like that

okay..maybe it'll be funnier when you actually watch it..
*coz this seems a bit out of*

I'm no Superman~~

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