Saturday, May 23, 2009

our very own translator..

hmmm i like dbsk
wrong....i LOVE dbsk
but they can hardly speak english
*well except Yoochun, but his english is...hmmm should i say, very minimal?*
and then comes ricky....yoochun's lil bro...

omo...never really notice him before..
until today....hahahha
damn..he can speak english...and it's good too
*maybe not as good as the native speakers....well at least better than Yoochunnie...hehehe*
the proof??

the only thing that comes into my mind...

hey..he can be the translator when I meet
or maybe when I have enough to go to Korea...I can go to Timeout Gelato *Yoochunnie's icecream shop..meriah uols*..and when I'm there, at least there's someone whom I can communicate with...hehehe
hahahha i know it's absurd and obviously far-to-reach dream..
but there's no limit to dream rite...hahahha

*off to Lala Land*credit: hiddenmicky and sharingyoochun

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