Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Three Rivers

watched Three Rivers last nite..
tbh..for the sake of Daniel Henney only..
well it's kinda hard to ignore that
just typical medical drama...
one hard-headed doc..ok i dun think i remember what his name was..
one flirty womanizer..damn hawt weh..david lee..oh henney~~
and one female lead..ok she's Shane from the L word..she looks weird with long hair..i mean she used to be the boyish type and all....
but yeah, it's just the 1st ep..who knows it will get better later rite...
like this korean drama i watched..omo, i'm stuck to it..and i haven't download the rest of the another 13 f**king ep...ahhh!!!!
btw..will watch Three Rivers again next week..hopefully, i'll like it...coz it's been awhile since i'm actually glued to my when they still air Grey's, Brothers & Sisters or Heroes on tv...then again, 2 and a half men is maybe i'll just stick to that...eehheeh

wish me luck for tomorrow's presentation...
william...i **** you~~

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