Thursday, November 19, 2009

female version of...

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I'm not girlish.....
used to dress slobbishly *lols* and would definitely prefer everywhere I go..
heheh but i'm trying to change..
like kak mard's said..'dah tue pon..berubah la ke arah kewanitaan'
so..what style should i go with??

heeeheh been looking and surfing korean blogs+DBSK updates and found this..

looks nice..i LOVE the checkered tops..but then too parents would go crazy later...
and the heels..damn, do u think i can wear dat without falling in like every step?? gayat ok tinggi2...hehe i salute those girls la~~~
actually, it's the female version of Jaejoong style...
*the power of fangirls, they can even came up with these kind of stuffs*

since i HEART dat guy..of course i like the style....lols

but then..i like this one better..heheh
it's female version of changmin...lols
i think it's cuter or more teenager-like than the previous style..hehe

so which one should i go with??
or should i stick with shirt+jeans+sneakers?

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Cikgu Puaka said...

if u wanna start wearing heels, start with the 2inches first. wear it regularly then u can start thinking of those killer heels.

but my vote goes to changmin's, the latter. because i like chang min.yeay