Wednesday, October 1, 2008

tragedy..'s the 1st day of Raya...
what happen??
heheheh I got flu...
this is the first time *officially* I got flu in Sydney...
what a great timing..
I lost my smelling and tasting
did it reduce my consumption of food???
hahah I wish... *rolls eyes*
this made me ate a lot more than usual so that I can actually taste the food..hahah
but then, God gave us sickness because He loves us...

still...Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to my family back in Malaysia
Mak, Ayah, Kak Rin, Abg Jeff, Yaty, Abg Halim, Nana *and bf...not officially considered family yet*, Adik *and the gang*, Zharif, Khalisya, and the nameless BABY
*omo..this is my first time raya without them..miss them a lot*
hahah yeah...I cried...uwaaa~~
and to all my friends and people who knew me..
Sorry to everything I've done in the past..hehehehh

gotta go to sleep now...
*I just took my medicine and everything is spinning right now..I'm seeing double*
will be back with more Raya picspam...

the end~~

1 comment:

zatiMJ said...

weh kt sama. time raya pon aku dpt flu. 1st time jgk dpt flu d sini. ape la nasib. slmt ari raya cik bayah!