Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nur Bahiah Khairudin can be easily distracted...

omo...seriously I need to focus on my LING216 assignment...
instead, what did I do??

1. go to 3 website and change my billing methods (5min)
2. go to Youtube and watch Big Bang vids *omo...Daesung, you're made for trot!!!* (30mins)
3. go to Livejournal and get the latest info about my favourite oppas..DBSK (2hours and more to come)
4. instant messaging with people (hmm whenever I'm
5. replying comments on LJ (20mins)
6. checking my emails (constantly..cause I'm bored and too lazy to do the assignment)
7. listening to DBSK new song *just listen without doing anything because I'm head over heels over them and I love to fangirl-ing..hahaha* (30mins)
8. wtching Younha's Telepathy MV two times every 30mins *omo...she's too cute* (10mins)
9. write this blog (5mins)

hahaha I really should put on my thinking cap *ahahha..I forgot who's word this was..Dr. Lawrence maybe* and start doing my assignment..*from scratch...hahha cause I haven't started on a single word yet*
okay...I'll do it..but only after I get my beauty sleep...rolf..hehehe

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alia amirah said...

you are tagged! Lets play the tagging gameeeeeee. hehe