Sunday, June 12, 2011

lovey dovey 101

i always thought i would be the 'jiwang' one when i'm in a relationship..turns out i was the exact opposite..honestly,don't know why but i'm a bit shy to act all lovey dovey..unless there's some kind of monsoon or hormonal attack influenced me...heheh

but he on the other hand...=))))
his favourite questions would be...
sayang saye x?
how much?
arini sayang x?

him: do u love me?
me: hmmm...
him: so..i take it as NO....
me: hmmm...yess
him: yess??? what??
me: alaaaa..ngade2
him: say it..
me: yes, love u...
him: hehe just asking, tho i know the answer..=P

my very own emo-inducer...
not sure if the word inducer is even correctly use..just came up with that the other day..hahahha....
why emo-inducer? go figure..
obviously coz he always makes me emo most of the time
thank God, he knows how to comfort me too..=P

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