Sunday, April 24, 2011

a very SAD saturday T__T

it was a crazy saturday
was hoping to go to KL *just because of you-know-who* but i couldn't
was intending to make a progress on my 4AK's literature lesson but the students didn't focus
was supposed to go on with the drama practice but the students went back early
in short, everything went wrong that day
indeed a SAD-day

started the day happily, hoping for it to be a good day
but slowly it took a turn *a bad turn*
called my mom around 9.30am and asked for permission..
she almost said yes but after i talked to dad, he strictly said no
nothing i said can change his mind
so it was basically a straight NO from him

after that i went into class...and the boys made me angry
i ranted like a bitch, i talked loud like i was teaching kindergartners..
but the boys just chatted with their friends...
i was already in a bad mood after what they did i just can't take it..
i stormed off right after my time ended and i don't even know if they realized how angry i was

then i went for drama practice *after i sent some kids to the stadium for band practice*
only half was there, and most of them were restless, waiting for the bell..
i was like "hell, if i can make time for this, why can't them?"
if i can sacrifice my time, if i can put off my rest, if i can go out and get back to school and wait some more until THEY finally have time for practice

after that i ranted about my day to the other teacher
she's also a new teacher so basically she understands me and knows how i feel
then i went straight home..can't think of anything
i don't even how i'm feeling that time
i was being indifferent
so i slept the afternoon off
woke up at 6.00 pm
took a shower and waited for the maghrib prayers
then at 7.30 i went to Giant
made a short stop for each-a-cup
on the move again for Jusco Tebrau

arrived at Jusco Tebrau and was supposed to look for dinner, a belt and grammar book
but i ended up going shopping
managed to buy 2 shirts, 2 blouses, 1 belt, some food
spent more than i should
but who cares??
i just needed to release all this stress inside
needed to do something that i like and not because someone told me to

while i was shopping, i received a call from emak, asking me how i was
i was mad, i shouldn't, but i did
poor emak, she almost cried because she was too worried about me
well, after dad said no.. i didn't call her
and when she called earlier i talked nonchalantly and sort of refused to talk to her
after that call, i regretted what i did
said sorry and promised that i'll be allright and will be home early
talk a bit more with mom and we were in good terms again in no time
felt good afterwards

and yes got a short lecture from him later that night
well what i did to emak was definitely wrong
he tried to make me feel better, and he succeed
he made awkward and sometimes-not-so-funny-joke but i laughed
we had a good,comforting talk for quite some time
and i slowly started to think back about everything that happened

not everything will go as we planned
but that's where it gets interesting
that's makes life fun and gives us something to look forward to
i should always tell myself that
so i will!!!

life may not go as we want
but enjoy the moment
seize the day


Cikgu Puaka said...

hang in there. you know i miss you. i miss the busy yet fun life of being a uni student. i miss sydney and our endless trips to mac centre. our impulse buying and grocery shopping :( take care alright?

miszbee said...

true true true and true...miss all those small yet fun things that we did when we don't have to think about SCHOOL and STUDENTS and RECORD BOOKS and those CLERICAL WORK that we were not paid for....sigh~~~
am still adapting and thanks, since u care about me, i'll be allright...have to!! can't wait for end of may..come faster!!

Fatin Nordin said...

aww bayah such a nice story u made it into
i was giggling hehe
but i know u're strong
i pun dh lama tak dating tau hehe
ok ttyl

miszbee said...

fatin, u giggled??
the genre is supposed to be sadness or loneliness =P
haisy, dah bese dating kot tu yg gedik tu..hehehe
omg i should be wif u guys rite now at that-place-wif-beach-which-is-definitely-not-this-shithole-i-called-school...T__T