Monday, June 13, 2011

Entry #01

i've always heard this..
a picture speaks a thousand words..
so i am gonna start this..
pictures taken from my past and present..
just to reminisce what i've done, remembering back those wonderful/bad times..
just to get to know of myself...=))

very first picture would be..

came across this pic today...
it was taken during my first year in sydney..should be on autumn 08...when i look back at this, i LOL at that big collar..i was like, "woah, why did i wear that"...and wif sneakers too...haha no fashion sense at all eh..but one thing for sure,that long coat is super comfy..knitted maaa...and yes it made me look wonder i wear it..=P
i think i passed it down to a junior before i went back coz i obviously can't wear it thing i LOVE about being overseas is the fact that i can wear those thick clothing and always keep my hands in the pocket when it's cold..i obviously prefer cold weather =)))

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