Monday, August 11, 2008

finally my birthday post....

finally...I manage to live through my speed-limited life...
hahhaha so after I recharge my internet account, why did I do??
updating my blog..duhh~~
after much nagging from few people *you know who you are..heheh* this is my official birthday post..heheheh
but of course with so many pictures...
just to show my gratitude to all my dear friends here....

to my family..hehehe no present ka??
it's okay..your card meant a lot to me~~ *especially ayah's message...hahahha*
hahahah nana..don't be jealous eh~~

okay..this is a bit jiwang...
I bet it's adik's pick..hahaha

saw that??
anak ayah bayah...which means..MY DAUGHTER BAYAH or more like..MY BELOVED DAUGHTER..THE ONE THAT I LOVE MOST...hahahha
okay..okay I'm exaggerating...but yeah...who
hahaha LUV U from cute...
luv u too mak~~ xoxo

and this is the wishes from my siblings...
hahhaa Adik conquered most of the space actually...
which left the others only the bottom part of the card... the bottom, is also Adik's handwriting...hehe I thought it was Nana's
Yaty left her message at the above..*hehe love your handwriting, sis..* off to Sydney's celebration....
seriously, I never had a surprise party before...*to be honest..I kinda expected this..hahha*
okay..this was their suprise...
heheh obviously it's a suprise cause they made it like at 8.50 pm on 6th of August...
why so early? because we have a 9am class the day after...
still..thanks for the suprise..

hahaha sorry...I had to edit the pic..cause I didn't wear my scarf that night..
heheheh mak pesan...kene pakai tudung selalu..*hehe sorry, this is what we call as code-switching, change of language in a this is just a brief definition*

here's my cupcakes.....made by the girls *Anis as the main chef*
thanks was delicious..seriously...
and the name-crafting at the top..I just love it~~

hehehe this is the best...
B & J 4eva....hahah Bayah & Jaejoong...
hehhehe I didn't have the heart to it the cakes with Joongie's name on top of it..
but it was so delicious that I can't resist it...

I have another cake...hahahah yeah *sweet-overdose on my birthday*
this one was made by my dearest umma-in-Sydney...Hanin
she made me a cheesecake..and it was GOOD~~
again, with my name on top of it...heheheh

the cake-cutting ceremony....
did you see my big smile??
I was damn happy..yeah~~
*this was after the fire-drill practice..hahah the girls even sang a happy birthday song for me at the field..the mat-salleh were like..wth..who's birthday??hahha*

this is during the after-yassin..
we had a dinner together with friends and seniors..celebrating my birthday
menu?? this time it's western foods..
my beloved housemates...Hanin, Syila, Anis, Syairah made pizzas, fries *hehe I helped..just a lil bit...cause I'm the birthday girl..hahaha*

haha Kak Ya was enjoying her cake, that she even forgot to pose..ehheheh

me, fariena, miza...
just cut the cake okay..hehheh

so the next one is the present-giving ceremony...
hahah this happened the day before *I mean on the suprise party*
haha yeah..I had 2 parties..hahahhahha happy~~
I got so many presents from my friends...
I can never tell or show you how thankful I am...hehehe

let's take a closer look at the presents..hehehe

1. Trench coat..
syila and anis gave me this..
when I saw it..I went "oh my god!!!"
heheh I really want a trench coat..
and if you still didn't know, I love RED
in short..I love my red trench coat...hahahha

few styles...
you can button it up

or let it loose..
hahhaha either way, I'm still
*avoid bricks*

2. Lamp
heheheh this one is from Toko and Alia..
they bought it from IKEA...
well..we went together but I seriously, didn't see them buying that..
we did look at the lamps and all but I didn't know that they got one for me..hahhaa
but thanks to them, now I no longer have to use the street light as my night lamp..hahhah

3. Quran
Fariena gave me this....
she told me before that she'll going to get me Quran with a translation..
and tada...she got me one....

4. Elizabeth Arden 'Green Tea' set + card
hehehhe this one is from Miza and Kak Ya....
it smells so good..eventhough I don't really use any perfume *seriously*
I love this one too~~ *I love everything actually..hahha*
but the card..omo they put Joongie's face on it *Miza said she printed out the wrong guy at first* and the caption...hahha it just made me laugh so hard...

see that caption??
TURN ME ON...hahhaha *nosebleeds*

hahha Kak Mard gave me this..
hehehe it's a cute teddy bear..haha finally I have something to put on my
based on the name, I guess it's a female...
for those who don't know..JOOYAH= jaeJOOng + baYAH
hahaha *nice combination...yeah right*

6. Urban Rituelle 'White Kimono' perfume
Aiman gave me this..
in fact this is the 1st present that I received....
he gave it to Ben when she came here last July I think...
hehhehe thanks Aiman...
love the smell..and the casing too..cause I find it unique and cute..

7. Mug
from none other than Miss Farizah..aka itik sexy
hahahha she said the cat's face looks like me...
hmmm..I beg to differ..hahahha
she also said.."burfday I kene bagi hadiah jugak!!"
heheh I better start thinking now~~

8. Plate
hehhe she and Farizah came to my house..knocking *almost tearing down* on my door like give me this...hehehhe's a plate with a lady (INER kot) bathing in a tub...*SEXY...nosebleeds*

9. Jaejoong's layout..
hehehe this is from Lucille..
she wishes me on LJ and made this for me...
hahahah hot Joongie-changing-cloth picture..with Leader-sshi on the side....
thanks dear~~

10. Kak Amrien's card
hehhee never know that Kak Amrien was going to give me a card...
hehehhe thank you so much...

and for others who sent their birthday wishes to me...
friends from Malaysia, Wellington, Auckland, Brisbane, Japan
*you guys know who you are*
thank you very very very very much......
I'm 21 already..but my heart is so much
I love you guys this *spread hands* big~~


alia amirah said...

bermacam2 bentuk muka dpt dilihat.haha.aku suka la tulisan parents ko, lawa. :)

kellneriner said...

ngeh2. naseb baek aku nye ade. kalau dak, aku pecahkan pintu ank. hahahha.

far far away said...

glad u had an enjoyable bday..
pasal present tu i gurao2 je la
tapi kalaw nak bagi mmg alhamdulillah laaaa....hahaha

fsj said...

BAHGIE nye dapat banyok adioh!!!
suke suke!
ape pun, selamat ulangtahun,
semoge Allah memberkati!
take care!
jemput ke welly!