Sunday, March 27, 2011

pibg meeting is so BORING!!!

on one lovely supposed-to-be-my-off-day saturday, we teachers were forced to attend school for the ever-so-lovely PIBG meeting...since it was such an informative meeting,cool and awesome i end up like this at 9.00am

thanks to my dearest fren, Sha who was too preoccupied with her new phone that she left me all alone listening to the stupid speech, she managed to take a pic of this very appropriate in-a-school-event pose...thank god no teachers saw me in this state or else i would have lost my awesome-image..=P

and now that i'm wide awake, it's camwhore session...juz like school kids, we chose the last row seats..haha easy-and-super-fast access to the exit, no students will see my tido-pose and yes, such a good place for self-cam time...thank god the meeting ended at 1.00pm...grabbed a cornetto mcflurry and went straight home...zzzZZzzz~~~

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