Sunday, June 28, 2009


woke up after 9am..
got a date wif kak mard..
going to Sydney City...yay!!
*'s been weeks since i've been there*
planned to just attend the volunteer meeting, have lunch and wander around the city...
ended up shopping...alone..well that's the first time...
*can't resist the huge SALE sign hanging on almost every wall*

right after the 'late' lunch...went off to QVB..just to window-shop..heheh
but then...ends up in Myers...and in almost all shops on the way to QVB...
gosh I really want that CK In 2 U..
it smells nice....
sadly..gotta save up for other stuff *refer to my wishlist*
but damn...the sale...arghh!!!
so I ended up buying this one hoodies....
*aigoo ikat perot la seminggu*
hehehe dun care...i like it....

*just ignore the pose..hehe*

can't resist this rite??


alfina said...


ni mard malas sign out zeti pnya account

AnisS. said...

same dgn fad nye hoodies la
awak nmpak die pkai mase dtg sini hri tu eh?
tp kite pun mmg suke yg ni dlu

alfina said...

date ngan mard je ke?
bukan ngan aku skali eh?


ini betol2 dzeti.

miszbee said... ngan cik dzeti skali la...
segan la nak tulis name ko..kekek
*stat dah bengong aku*

hehe cantik kan anis....
tp serious, kite xperasan pon mase kak fad pakai...hehhe kite beli pon sebab tgk jek teros suke...smpai xbley sambar jela..huhu

lovemenot said...

aku suka hoodie nie jugak..
aku pon nak blidr dulu lg..
tp kaler hitam

miszbee said...

hahaha 2 la pasal...
aku nmpak jek teros gatal nak beli..
xde fikir2 langsong...huhuh
beli2..nanti kite boleh lawan couple hoodie kak mard n dzeti...